Making it simple

March 1, 2017

Many projects seem like this one. You started out with enthusiasm and you make those milestones you hope to achieve. But years later, when you looked back, you would have realized that you didn’t carry out what was planned. All those passion and dreams faded away as time passed.

For me, this blog certainly began this way. Before I wrote this post, I realized that I set this blog up three years ago. But all those while, either I’d forgotten all about it or didn’t have anything to write about. It then came upon me that this project reflects a lot about me. It’s too easy to start something new every time you faced a problem. We seldom give ourselves the time and patience to fix it, and most often we ignore it altogether. Then we move onto something and leave it in limbo. I call this the “trigger-happy” or “reset-button” disease.

Today, I decide to face the problem and go through with what I have started. This is the last time I press the reset button and follow through with it until the “machine” break down. I have set myself a little target, that is, I’ll work on the very least to update my blog on every last day-of-the-week and I’ll summarize what my new project Mozart, a music chord app, has achieved. I’ve add a reminder on Asana so that I have no excuse to forget. But if I so ever forgot to post anything again, you can help me by reminding me on Twitter @manfredchua.

Making it simple and improving it progressively. We’ll get there some day.